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Any log8ic in tuning this way?

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A little background...

I had my suspension set up where I thought I liked it.

Went to a sand track and decided for grins and giggles to stiffen everything up (max compression front and rear high and low)and sped up rebound max front and rear after riding with my current preference.

Well, I liked it (basically) on the sand track.

Went to my normal clay track today after being off bike for 4 or 5 weeks and decided (again for grins and giggles) to leave my suspension set up full hard and fast like I left with it being at the sand track.

Turns out that I'm thinking I like it basically that way too on the hardpack (mostly) EXCEPT that it is beating me up pretty bad.

So, I recognize I need to dial some things back in closer to where I was before. Seems like my bike is jumping and landing better as is.

So, I'm thinking about using the full stiff and full hard as my baseline rather than my old settings and see where I end up.

Is it even remotely reasonable to think that the stiffest fastest suspension that a body can handle is gonna be the best for traction and safety (ie bottoming/packing)? I mean is it logical that comfort is just a tradeoff for all other factors... meaning comfort compromises much of the other "features" of the suspension?

Any reason why I would NOT want my compression to be as stiff as I could ride it?

Any reason why I would not want my rebound to be as fast as I can jump with it without endoing. When I sped up the rebound there was definitely more of a tendency to go nose down but I'm actually liking that (after pondering it) because I was having more of a tendency in the past to land nose high.

Just curious if anyone thinks it could make sense to work "backwards" like this.

I think I'm more comfortable with my suspension not moving around so much underneath me. Just feels more predictable to me or something.

Is a slow guy (assuming he stands up) gonna be faster with a stiffer/faster suspension or slower/softer?

I THINK I know that a faster guy is gonna be faster with stiffer/faster.

I mean I remember watching James Stewart roll the supercross track in Atlanta and I noticed that as he was rolling the jumps his rear "violently" kicked up on just about everything. Looked to be real stiff AND Fast... but not certain.

Any help appreciated.

So, if I decide to go this route, do I want to adjust rebound or compression first to get things more smoothed out but give basically the same feel?


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Suspension is like trying on a pair of boots, not every one with a size 9 foot is going to like the same brand size 9 boot.

That's why tuners ask what you like and don't like about your bike's suspension, ya they can get you in an area based on a model they derived at through experience and testing, but that set up would not satisfy every rider within the same scope of basic info...rider weight, skill level, type riding, etc...

I read a test report on Rhino and langston both were on the same bike but with redically different setups, Rhino liked his very stiff and harsh and Grant liked his soft and plush.

For the most part tuning comes down to personal preference.

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