gotta give props to my XR

Today was the second time I've checked the valves since I've had the 650 (got it May 29), and they were still within spec. The first time I checked them, they were also fine. No countershaft seals blowing out, no overheating, no catching fire, etc etc....

Maybe I don't run it as hard as some might, but hey that works for me.

Well I did see one catch on fire a few weeks ago, but rode with the guy Friday and everything is fine. Hopefully the 650 is destined for the same reliability record as the air-cooled XRs. The 650 is a very nice bike and I could see myself behind the bars in a few years. How do you like it in the sand? Do you run a paddle?

Due to my local dealer going bust after 3 months

the valves ( and the oil screen inside the

engine ) did not get checked untill

9000miles/15 months. Valves were within speck

and internal screen was totally clean.

Only problem in 2 year's ownership is a

squeek form the rear suspension. I've greased

everything except the top of shock link, which

I'll do soon.

cheers, Craig

I love it in the dunes. I'm just running a Pirelli MT44, but it still goes pretty good out there. I have no trouble at all climing any of the hills. I'm sure it would do a little better with a paddle, but the extra hassle of taking one on and off probably wouldn't be worth it for me.

It doesn't jump very well in the dunes, but then agian it doesn't jump very well, period. It really performs well on the wide open, whooped-out roads.

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