steering stabilizer

I am thinking of tring a steering stabilizer. Are these things worth the investment? I race mostly enduro and HS.I can see the advanage in the high speed stuff but I don't want it to hurt the steering on the tight ugly trail.What model is the best for the money?

Scotts is the most adjustable, it offers an adjustable high speed deflection circuit.

Take a look at the WER damper. It mounts under the headlight, out of the way.

Ride fast - take chances,


I just put a Scotts on bike thursday and raced on sunday and it made a major difference in my confidence and the bikes ability to hit stuff that normally I would grit my teeth hoping I wouldn't go down. It is adjustable on the fly which can be hard when in tight stuff, but did manage to do it with out hitting trees. By the time the harescramble was over my low speed adj was set on 12 majority of the time and 9 for the high speed sections, while the high speed adj was left 2 turns out. Would diffinetly recomend a Scotts you can adjust it for particlar terrain your riding with out stopping. The WER you can't and the other two GPR& RTT dampeners are way to expensive for my taste, plus the GPR&RTT from what I can understand they dampen all the time.

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