Fuel milage...

Sorry, I'm still new here, and I'm sure this is an old thread, but I could use an idea of what kind of milage to expect form my 02' 650R. I was guessing at about 30mpg, on desert trails.

That sounds about right. If you change to higher gearing for the desert or dual sport you might get 35mpg in the desert and 40mpg on the street.

My U.K. XR650 came from the showroom

dualsported. On road consumption has ranged

from 44mpg ( imperial gallons not 'merican )

while running at 90mph, stock gearing) to

69mpg cruising fire-roads with 15/41 gearing.

cheers, Craig

Thanks guys!

If I'm hard on the throttle doing a lot of tight twisty MX type stuff while playing in the desert I'm getting about 20 MPG. If I'm out cruising desert trails or bush whacking and moderately using the throttle, then I'm getting about 25 - 30+ MPG depending on how hard I'm riding. If I'm light on the throttle and just leisurely riding big loops at higher speeds, I think I'm getting 40+ MPG, but I haven't done enough of this type of riding to know for sure.

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