Hello gang,

I'm in the market for a bike to be used in Wisconsin, needs to be street legal or easily made so, and great for sand roads and trails, mainly ATV trails that are open to bikes that are street legal. Minimal street use, but some. I'm 6'5", 210lbs, 37 and mellowing, and hope that this is a 10 year plus bike. I've been a life long fan of Big Red, but the Huskie looks great on the website and the KTM's are easier to title in WI from what I've been told, by a salesman, of course. Any and all thoughts greatly appreciated, and if you've got an immaculte bike for sale that fits the bill, let me know!!

It all depends on how hard you're going to ride in the dirt, the XR650L is a mellower (less suspended and heavier) bike than an XR650R or even an XR600, but in the US, it would be street legal standard. The Husky 610TE is a little more serious bike again than the XR650R and XR600, but in my opinion, aren't as reliable. A guy I knew had one (95/96 model) that he rode moderately on trails and had to fully rebuild the engine around every 5,000kms (or 3,100 miles!). If you're riding tighter trails, an XR400 might fit the bill. Hope this helps.


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