Favorite tracks So CAL

There seems to be a lot of fellow SoCal riders in this forum. What are your favorite tracks? I I love Elsinore, but am burned out on it, need to get in to some different tracks. Also, Let's see some other track pics out of state!

PS Elsinore is starting a pretty nice series next week. I think Realsports is putting it on :cry:

Carslbad USGP :cry:

Cahuilla Creek, Glen Helen

I-5 MX is a pretty good track and so is LACR

Try cahuilla mx park!!You will love it.......Although, there is a guy there that thinks he's in charge! He is a grumpy old JACK A*@.....and I aint a kidding. The guy will yell at you for anything. The guy needs to retire and be a door greeter at wallmart.... :cry:

You mean he's NOT in charge?? The things you learn on ThumperTalk!

I don't think WalMart is ready for that.

Maybe your right!! Possibly the 99 Cent store would hire him part time... :cry: I would love to see that guy on then track, maybe the two of us could give him a hay bail sandwich!! :cry: :cry:



that track looks nice!

The old comp park track used to be a favorite. If your hitting elsinore there is still a couple tracks pretty close to that. If I remember right Starwest and Perris are fairly close.

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