GYT-R and Pro Circuit TI-4 question

im interested in getting either the gyt-r carbon fiber slip on or the pro circuit ti-4 lowboy system for my 04 yz 450. both of these supposedly can have a spark arrestor used in them. the gyt-r says it comes with a S/A and i know that you can get S/A end caps from pro circuit. my question about them is, does anyone know if these 2 systems have usfs approved stamps on the S/A endcaps to keep the forest service nazi's off my back when im out riding? if they dont have an approved stamp then i could still get a ticket even tho im running a spark arrestor. :cry:

you would probably get a ticket for noise!! The PC pipe is LOUD!!

You can get a ticket for not having a U.S. forestry approved stamp on it????? :cry: Ive never heard of that .that sucks, First they ask for spark arrestors and now they want a stamp on the side of the pipe that says U.S. Forestry approved. THATS DUMB!!

yeah, they could actually look in the end and see that you have a spark arrestor, but if ya dont have the stamp (be it on teh end cap or on the can) they can still bust ya. :cry:

and as far as loud goes, i dont really care as long as it meets the 96 db AMA level. im hoping to do some AMA off road racing and i just need a system that has good performance, yet meets the ama and usfs standards. :cry:

I have the T-4 with the spark arrestor but it does not have the stamp on it. I think the Pro Circuit 496 does.

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