Oil change trouble!


I´ve recently bought an xr600 -97, and made my first oil + filter change yesterday. But when I filled it with new oil, -it only came only in 2/3 .

Do I have to unplugg anything when filling oil to get it circulate?


First, make sure that you have removed both drain plugs. One is down by the shift lever, the other is in the frame just below the header behind the front wheel. I usually kick the bike using the compression release to get rid of as much oil as possible. Then, replace all bolts and filter. Oil can then be poured in slowly, the first quart goes in easy. On the second one, pace yourself. As oil starts flowing slower and slower, pull in the compression release and kick the bike slowly to get oil moving. I usually do about 20 easy kicks. Keep adding oil slowly and kicking when needed. You should take about 2.3 quarts (US) to fill it. Ryan :)

Ditto on removing both drain plugs, I usually pull the plugs one at a time, then put them back on fingertight, kick it slowly (about 10 times) with the manual decompression lever in, then drain again, replace and tighten to specs. Then I do the oil filter.

As far as filling it up with oil, I'll quote my owner's manual "To fill the oil tank up to the upper level, oil should be added in two steps". To do this fill it with oil to the upper mark, and install the dipstick, start the engine and let it run for a few minutes, stop engine, add oil again up to the upper mark...to paraphrase the step-by-step procedure from the manual. Good Luck.

For what its worth, this is the oil that we've been using in all our bikes for several years with no problems. All told, about 40 bikes with those of family and friends. It's about $1.80 per quart.

Pennzoil Motorcycle oil 20w-50

I'm sure there are many opinions on the subject. We do change oils after every trip. Oil is cheap...bike are not.

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