450 fork spring install

Can I do it myself? I've already changed out the rear spring with no problem but have never opened up a fork before. :cry:

Yes you can do it, follow the steps in the manual and you can't go wrong.

Change the oil while your there. The whole thing will only take about an hour. Quick tip loosen the fork caps while the forks are on the bike.

Can the forks stay on the bike? It looks like the only think I should have to remove would be the bars so I can get to the caps.

Loosen the caps while the forks are on the bike - otherwise you will need a vise with nylon or protective barrier to put forks in. Remove the forks completely to empty and clean - typical for contaminants to be at the bottom of the forks - remove the compression valve at the bottom when cleaning - I suggest you get it done first by a knowledgeable suspension tuner - then you should be able to handle it... :cry:

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