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Yea, I was a bit Dumb!

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About a year ago this happened. My bike is a 2003 XR400.

It was a saturday of 2003, I was in a hurry. I just remembered that I needed to service my XR400 today. So i rushed down to the local bike shop, bought an oil filter. I alreday had some oil.

So I went round to my parents gararge, where I usually do work on my bike, and quickly got stuck into it.

I think it was the Quickly bit that realy got me stuffed.

Anyway, i serviced it, changed the filter and oil, cleaned the air filter and gave it a general clean up.

I rode it around town like I usually do, for about a month before i decided to do a trip to Perth. Thats a 450km trip. Or 281 miles. Long ride for an XR on a highway! This wasnt the first time I had done this trip, it was the third.

I got all packed up, and had my Ventura bike rack and bag on and packed full. So the XR was fully loaded.

My dad wanted to come with me for the first 60kms or so, on his Kawasaki GTR1000. So he did, Now we eventually got out on to the open road and i sped up to the 110kmph speed limit when...................

[@#$%&*!]! OH NO! What the hell just hapened! It felt like it just ran out of fuel! But I had just filled up before i left! It just cut out for about 5 seconds, then came back with a loud ratteling scraping sound! I was just about having a heart attack! Oh [@#$%&*!], Oh [@#$%&*!]! What have I done!

Dad was up ahead, so he kept going for a while up the road until he realised that i was stopped on the side of the road.

After a minute he came back. I was just in shock. He told me to start it and he listened. it wasnt a nice sound. Terible actually. He told me to ride it back home cearfully and slowly. So i did. It had NO power and sounded like [@#$%&*!].

Obviously there was somthing major wrong with it, so when we got back, we got stuck into it to see the damage.

We started with the oil. I drained it out, and dad said, Oh. I said What? WHAT! WHAT'S WRONG! He said, ummm sorry, but once that oil has finised draining, have a close look at it in the sun light.

So a minute later i took it outside, and in the sunlight, it looked metalic! Fine metal all though out it. Thats NOT good.

'OK OK, Mabey it is just somthing that honda stuffed up on when it was built and we will be able to claim it on warranty!' Just as i was thinking that, dad said, PAUL, I think you'd better see this.

He had just taken the cover off the oil filter.


I was just about to cry! What the hell had I done to my nice new XR400! I loved it so much!

As soon as i saw the oil filter in backwards, I knew I had done it when i serviced it several weeks before! and I also knew that it probly ment a ciezed crank and ciezed piston and bore or cam or somthing else terible like that!

So we pulled the engine out and started to strip it down.

Got the rocker box off and saw that the cam was fine. so we kept going and pulled the head off, and then saw the bore! Oh [@#$%&*!]! OH NO ITS CIEZED THE PISTON AND THE CRANK!

I dont know why we thought it had definatly ciezed the crank, because after we unbolted the barrel and took it off we felt the crank and it spun freely and had no up and down movement so actually it was fine.

But still it had ciezed the piston and bore. So I was up for a new first oversize piston & rings and a bore out.

Bugger. So since i was supose to be in Perth, we orded the parts straight away and got the cylender bored out and wacked it all back together CEARFULLY AND SLOWLY the weekend after.

When i left for Perth the week later, I had to run it in. So I took it easy most of the way.

Well I can tell you now, I LEARNT MY LEASON! When serviceing your bike, take your time, concintrate and dont make the dumb expencive mistake I made.

Though now my bike is fine. It just got a unscheduled engine rebuild, Thats all!

So thats my stupid story. Has anyone else done that? I GUESS NOT!

One thing i find a bit strange is that, Honda actually made it so it is actually possible to put the cartidge oil filter in backwards! It fits in fine and u can bolt it up properly with it in backwards! You'd think they would of made it so it wouldnt bolt up properly or wouldnt fit to save people from this mistake.

BUT, Their's no way im blaming Honda for my stupid mistake! I did that all by myself.

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