New 650R, oil change question


The BRP is a dry sump system. Oil will collect/pool in the casing when the engine is shutoff. This means that the oil must be pumped into the circulating system. The frame is part of that circulating system. Until the oil is pumped you cannot get an accurate oil level reading using the oil dip stick.

When you change the oil and filter, you can add the first quart of oil normally. Then you must use the kickstarter to circulate the oil before adding the rest. Use the decompression lever and gently cycle the kickstarter several times, then add a little more oil and repeat. Do this carefully or you will have oil all over the place.

Put in the recommended amount and start the BRP. Let it run 5 minutes and check the oil level using the dipstick (threads sitting on top of the hole). Do not top-off the oil without letting the engine run first (circulating the oil) or you will overfill the system. Overfilling causes excessive oil pressure.

Recommend you change your oil after 100 miles. Mostly to remove the milling flakes that will come loose during your breakin period. The high-frame oil screen will catch most of this. The real fine stuff will be trapped by the oil filter. The screen in the bottom of the casing rarely sees any debris. This screen can be left alone for several oil changes.

The bolt you can remove, and check if there is oil, on the side of the engine case is to insure you have enough oil to start the bike, with oil collecting in the engine, the dipstick will read low, but you will not know how low until you run it for a few minutes. So, if the dipstick reads nothing, but you are not sure if there is enough oil to run it, then you would pull the sight bolt...All this moot, you filled it with oil last oil change, you don't see oil all over the bike, even if the bikes burning oil, there should be more then plenty in there to run it for 5 minutes to check it with the dipstick.

Screen? Where are these screens? Are there two? How often should I pull and clean them? And how do you go about doing it?

Went for my first ride tonight. What a bike!

Just picked up a new 650R yesterday. I've had Hondas my whole life but never one this big nor ever purchased new. Two things I don't understand and the manual doesn't really clear things up much. When filling with new oil the manual indicates to take out a sight bolt on the right side and make sure the oil is up to the bottom of the threads? If the dip stick says full then should the oil be up to the bottom of the threads on the engine?

Next question is just general information: This is the first bike that I've ever worked on that has the oil in the frame. How does this system work? Doesn't the oil flow down the frame and into the engine? Why doesn't filling the frame fill the crank as well?

I'm sure this is common knowledge to a lot of you, but to a new guy I need some clarification.

I can't help you much with your question, but I just wanted to congratulate you on your new bike. I just picked mine up a little over a week ago, and we're getting ready to move, therefore I haven't even rode it for more than an hour...;( and it's literally killing me!!!!

Copperglobe, if you change your oil regularly

like most xr650r owners ( anywhere between

100 to 600 miles ) I would recommend

( after the first couple of times, of course )

cleaning the downtube screen every 3rd change.

I recommend that the in-case screen be left

alone until you're inside for another reason

or getting tell-tale flakes elsewhere.

I base this on the fact that I first looked

at my lower screen after 9000 miles while

installing the HRC piston & cam kit, and

it was very clean.

cheers, Craig

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