For sale: WER steering dampner

Ive had it since late 97 and its been rebuilt once. Oil has been changed regularly. I have a monting plate for the Yamaha (I assume it covers YZ,WR 250,400 but not sure) and a mounting plate for a xr600 I had it on. (also not sure if it covers other models than the xr600) I can check with Works Enduro Rider if you need to know. I also have pictures of it. The only thing you will need is the ear tab (metal piece) that welds to the frame. (should be very easily made)

Make me a offer if intrested. Thanks :)


Darin in Missouri - 1999 WR400F

Enduro Heaven


How come u are selling the damper? I am thinking of getting one, did it make a lot of difference. I am from australia. What sort of $US would u want for it.

Thanks JAson

My Question is, If this is a good Yamaha MOD why aren't you using it on your 99 WR ?

Both very good questions. First Jason:

I am selling the dampner because I like the adjust on the fly ability of the Scott's. Im not sure how famillar you are with the difference in the 2 stablizers but the WER mounts on the front fender and the Scott's on the handlebars so you can adjust the dampning while riding. And your second question, yes, it made tons of difference. Only problem is, and I should have said this earlier but I will only ship in the US. I had to send a product to Canada a few weeks ago and it was a real hassle. Sorry.

Yamacazi: I have been using it on my Yamaha for 3 years now. I just decided I wanted something with more adjustability while riding.

If anyone is intrested Ill take $150.


Darin in Missouri - 1999 WR400F

Enduro Heaven

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