Jimmy Button Renthal's...

I run button bars and love them ....I`m 6-4

I have the Button bars on both my bikes.They are about 1 1/4 inches taller than stock and wider but not sure how much.I like them because it makes standup riding more comfortable and the wider stance gives me more control.

how do they compair with the cr hi bend bars

Anybody out there running the Renthal Button bend? How do you like it? According to the specs, it's a little taller and with less sweep than the stock 650R bar, which is exactly what I think I need.

XR650L Riders...Just did "Jimmy Button" Renthals with the Acerbis Rally Pro Brushguards...I'm 5'10" & these bars feel great...the added width & height helps...also, more info. related to steering clearance...With a Clarke Mfg. 4.7 gal. tank, Renthals & brushguards, the bike still has FULL steering travel side to side. The turn signals just touch the tank when the bars are turned fully to either side. I've read that some aftermarket tanks can restrict steering travel, especially if you run brushguards. Clarke really did their homework with this design, & 4.7 gal. gives a 200 mile range. www.clarkemfg.com

I just got back from my first ride with a set of Button bends and they are GREAT!!! :)

I am 6'4" and the extra height helps me stand on the pegs in a better position. I did not have to roll them forward nearly as far as the stockers to be comfortable.

I am sold!

I did order a set of Button bend's and I'm very happy with them. Like everybody else says, it sure makes standing up a lot easier. Plus the Renthals are substantially stronger than the stock bars.

I have Button Bars, For such a big bike you need big bars, and if your a big rider Button bars are the way to go. Made the biggest handling difference on my 600.

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