Throttle informatin discrepancies

Hello, I have read 90% of the posts for the throttle modifications, gone to the links at thumperfaq and made all the measurements. There are differences in opinions on how much to remove from the throttle stop. Based on the (250) site it suggest to shorten the stem from 28mm to 20mm, a differnece of 8mm. Most of the threads on this website suggest to remove 11mm from the stem length. Two questions what do the experts/mechanics recommend for the 450, remove 8mm or 11mm, I removed 8mm and it does not seem (visually) to be a big differnece. The other question, I believe I read somewhere (maintenance manual or threads)there is a rev limiter at 7500RPM for the WR450F is this true?

IMO it is best to remove the 8mm then inspect your carb slide looking thru from the back to see if you are getting full open on the throttle,if not remove some more until you achieve full open, there have been cases of people removing too much of the stop and causing problems.

Thanks, inspection complete the slide has full travel.

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