English man and throttle stop WR450F 2004

Please could somebody tell me the location of the throttle stop may be pics if any,and is it easy to do and what size to cut it to,and does a stop for YZF450 fit if so any one got part number. Just find that the bike is not much more powerfull than my 2003 XR400,this i was not expecting.

Any help would be great

you need to cut down the stop or fit the yz one and fit the yz neede that comes with the UK spec bikes. Are you UK based, or a brit abroad? What spec (ie country) WR have you got?

trust me once you get a new throttle stop it will kill your old xr400. you can also cut out the snorkel in the airbox and take out the stop in the exhuast. trust me this bike rips!

Thanks for the advice,im in the UK but the bike is American import according to the manual i got with the bike,so is the YZF using the same carb,and will the spares from a uk dealer be the same for the imported bike,any part numbers available,just can't understand why imports are restricted


The Euro ones are not restircited in the UK, provided they are not street legal. If they are supplied registered, the dealer has to restrict them beofre they can be handed over, by fitting the longer throttle stop, a different crappy needle and and e marked outlet to the can.

As the other guys say, remove the snorkel from the top of the airbox. I removed the small white side pannel piece off the RHS too, (about 4 inch by one inch) and drilled the airbox cover underneath to allow more air in.

For UK I run a 165 main jet, you may have this already in the US spec one, but the needle is different I amsure.

Speak to a UK dealer and order the needle for the UK model, or order a JD jetting kit off here! I think you will need to uncork the US can too.

Once all this is done, they are pretty punchy. Mine will pick the front up off the gas in the first 4 gears quite easily, up to 60+ mph!

Got her sorted yet RELL?

Cut the screw to 23mm (cut longer first then file it back)

Use a 4mm(?) allen key to turn it out from the bottom of the throttle body, it's loctited in so will be tight to turn.

I got a US model too and once you've cut the screw off you'll need to ditch the exhaust baffle or it will break off and fly out with the increase in exhaust pressure!

I fitted a www.quietiscool.com insert. Cost me £37 shipped

They restrict the US versions to meet stricter emmision laws, jetting is on the lean side too, I'm playing with different jets at the moment.

Sent for throttle stop today should have it in for the weekend,going to Wales to give it a test flight,have you done the grey wire and does it make a difference.

UK bikes don't get the shortened throttle stop, it was done to satisfy US EPA noise regs.....Only US bikes get it.

Sorry, didn't read later posts.....

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