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www.brittmotorsports.com and a 158 dollar oil change

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They are the nicest group of guys in the world on a personal basis, but they are known for being the 2nd highest priced goup as well. (Our sucky Honda shop is 1st and isn't worth even mentioning all that is wrong w/ that place...)

Everyone in Wilmington, NC is over-priced. (With the exception of Precision Cycles, Inc. of Wilmington, NC and no... I'm not affifiated with them but if you have to have your oil changed 30 bucks is alot better than 158...)

But $158 for an oil change?

Dude......... That's rape.

I'd call the Wilmington, NC main office an complain.(Number on website at www.brittmotorsports.com ) That's where all the Britts are and live. If you call them they'll take care of you, but more-so maybe they'll take care of the New Bern office... They are known for being over-priced, but they are also known for taking care of their customers.

There was a lapse of something in New Bern.. That's plain BS.

Like evetyone is saying.. It's way easy enough to do on your own and only takes about 10 minutes / cleanup...

Trust me.. if I can do it w/out screwing it up... you can to.

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