Oil Change Question

I just inherited a 94 XR 600. I've ordered the factory Honda service manual for it. However it will take a week or so to arrive. I want to get started on some basic maintenance (since I don't know anything about this bike). I fave a few questions.

#1 How much oil does it take with a filter change?

#2 Does it have an oil strainer screen at the bottom of the frame downtube like my XR400 does?

#3 What are the intake and exhaust valve clearances for adjusting the valves?

#4 When greasing the rear suspension on my XR400 I need to pull the entire suspension off the bike as there are no zerk fittings. I noticed this bike has zerks on it. Is this factory or aftermarket? If this is factory, do you get a sufficiant amount of grease in the right places by simply using the zerks or do you recommend pulling it all apart and doing it by hand?

Thanks for any info you guys can provide.


'99 XR400

Renthal Bars (Carmicheal bend)

Scotts Damper

Summers Fork Brace

Baja Designs Dual Sport Kit

ICO Racing odo/speedo

Snorkle removed, Uni Filter, Re-jetted 160/58

96/97 end cap w/Vortip

And a 94 XR600

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