Scott Summers andf those pictures of him picking up his XR600R...

How did he do it?

Did anyone ever see him do it for reaal? I would love to be able to do that!!!

When he did it, was he really struggling or did he do it easy? Was he a big guy as in say 6ft-3in plus or just strong??

Anyone got any pictures of him picking up the mighty 600R?


I know people who are able, but is it wise? Looks like a good way to blow out your lower back! Still, I have to admit, it is impresive.

I've seen him do it a few times and he wasn't struggling. He could hold the 600 up long enough to pose for pictures and carry on a conversation while doing it.

Summers is about 6'0", 180lbs. and in extreme shape.

I still have a copy of an old Dirt Bike Magazine around somewhere with pics of him lifting the bike.

He also did it with a XR650R :cry:

Anyone got any pictures of him picking up the mighty 600R?


I can't even lift it the couple inches to get it on the stand, let alone 3 feet in the air. Maybe its because I'm built like a stick. :cry:

Holy [@#$%&*!]....that's impressive!

They should make that an event at those strongest man contests on ESPN. :cry:

I raced an XR600 for 6 years and I could pick one up like Summers but it was all I could do, and I am 6'1",220 and used to powerlift. It is hard to lift like that because the bike is out away from your body. I saw him pick one up after a muddy GNCC where he raced for 3 hours. He did'nt even seem tired. There was no way I could have lifted it then. A friend told me he saw him pick it up after a different race and later Fred Bramblett weighed it at over 300 lbs.with the built up mud on the bike. I bet the CRF450 seems like a mini bike to that guy.

I want to see him doing that to a xr650r.

the xr650 is lighter.

According to Hondas published specs, the XR650R is actually heavier than the 1998 XR600R by ~6 lbs.

and two of those pounds are in the "improved" aluminum frame.

yeah Mr. Scott is a stud...and his companies products are awesome.

Also interesting is that the XR600 engine weighs 98 lbs and the 650R engine weighs 88 lbs. If if the 650R engine weighs 10 lbs less, what is it on the 650R that adds 16 lbs over the XR600?

BTW, the XR650R (27.5 lbs) frame is 2.5lbs heavier than the XR600 (25 lbs) frame :cry:

If you replace all of the steel parts with titanium and all of the aluminum parts with magnesium, the XR650R would weigh 198 pounds (per SRC) :cry:

I wish people would stop knocking the 650's aluminum frame. The 600's frame (and now the 650L) was a serious weak link for hard off-roading. I had to have stress cracks on my '87 600 welded up every year. I even had oil leaking out of the backbone at the seat / gas tank junktion!!! I don't care how much heavier the aluminum frame is. At least it is strong enough to do the job. And it's RIGID!!!

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