Ride Report 05 vrs 03-04 YZ450 and CRF 450

Just sold my 03 YZ450, was certain I was going to get an 05 CRF, until I saw the price almost 8K OTD. I liked my YZ, worked it hard for 2 years. Just needed a new bike and everyone said go with the Honda it’s the best. So I figured I would go Honda and give it a try. Now I am considering staying with the Yamaha as I can get one for 6300 OTD or I can get an 04 for about 5200 OTD. Anyone have an solid comparison coming from the other bikes comparing to the new 05 YZ450. I cant say the hard hit of my 03 was a problem for me I liked the way it rode but you never know how good or bad something is until you have something to compare it to. Which I really don’t.. I rode an 03 Honda and cant say it was outstanding but I only had a few laps on it and it was not set up for me. The only issue I had with my YZ was the 4 speed. There has been a few times I wished I had that extra gear. The clutch seemed stiff compared to the CRF too. Can anyone convince me one way or another. What are you thought on the new 05 YZ450 vs. the others. I’m buying something by next week so please help with your opinions. Thanks

I'm thinking about upgrading my '03 YZ450F too and having the same problem deciding on which one also. You might find this interesting, HERE

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