correct chain lube

On a 2001 650r, the manual calls for 90w gear oil on the chain. The problem is that it makes a mess of the bike, even in small amounts.

What is everyone else using? Chain wax? Regular chain lube? 90w gear oil?

Most use wd40. Don't go for the hipe of special chain lubes. I tried the 90w and found the wd40 is easier to use and the chain stays cleaner and is easier to maintain. I read on one of the forums that all the racers use wd40 and that is about all you will see in the pits. I'm not a racer and I can't afford a new chain every race but I haven't noticed any change in my chain since I switched. My .02 cents.


Honda Chain Lube in the spray can works great and dries quickly. WD-40 works very well for cleaning but I like the Honda brand or Chain Wax for the final coat.


I was using WD40 only because of the mess you mention. WD40 drives off water and is a light temporary lubricant. The issue is that WD40 can dry out the O-Ring or X-Ring lubrication inside a roller if the Ring has been compromised. Scrubbing with a hard bristle brush or grinding sand trapped by 90W oil can ruin the Ring.

Honda dry lube is very good but the chain must be dry (free of water) before applying it. There is a new product that I have been given samples of (prerelease to market) that both drives out water, and forms a dry lube with no ill effects to O/X-Ring lubricants. These are good qualities in a chain lube.

This new product should be made public soon. I have no idea what it will cost. I am not promoting it (no financial interest), simply saying that I am testing it at no cost to myself. :)

The problem with WD 40 is that it wil attratct dirt. Dirt sticks to WD40. If you use WD40 on your chain, be sure to wipe it off and use a lube designated for chains. I personally like "PJ" chain lube. It stays on the chain.

needsprayer, what is the name of the product you are "trying" out?


The product has been developed by Digilube Systems, Inc. The product name is MX-1000. A friend (whom I have never met) that posts on DRN offered this product to me for evaluation. The samples came in an applicator style (very small diameter metal tube) plastic bottle. The company is also working on a product to apply the lube quickly and efficiently under pressure. I haven't seen this.

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