New 650r menber

Hi all,

I,ve just added a new 650r to my stable. I've put on an E-series WB pipe, WB filter, 170 main and 68 pilot. The pipe was too loud so I inserted a strip of stainless steel on the inside of the baffle plates so the gases can only exit out of the bottom, pretty good now and it keeps the exhaust away from the guard etc. I am interested in the pumper carb mod (eg Edelbrock), particularly fuel consumption if somebody has that info. The bike dynoed at just on 50 RWHP which is great but I use 2 litres of fuel more per 160kms than my friends' LC4s which also have around 50 HP.



theres lots of posts on the edelbrock upgrade. air cover cut outs are another up grade to consider.

fuel economy on the edelbrock is sensitive to both the pumper adjustment, and the needle valve adjustment--performance is less sensitive...but still something that has to be dialed in--luckily the edelbrock is super easy to adjust..

figure about (rough guestimate) an increase of 15% fuel economy--but of course that is very very dependent on variables...

Welcome aboard :cry:

Enjoy your BRP :cry:

Welcome to TT. I love the Edelbrock. :cry:

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