Switching to a orange 2smoke unless you talk me out of it

I own a 02 WR426 and am tired of felling like I can't turn due to it wieghing 270lbs. and most of that fills like it is right up top. I also am literally tired of after a day of riding not having enough energy to ride home in the truck because I had to fight this top heavy bike all day.

I am looking at a 05 KTM 300exc. This bike I believe wieghs 224lbs. and has nothing but awsome reviews. I guess unless you have heard otherwise I am out of here.

I don't blame you, depends on a few things though;

- can you find one.

- is the dealer better than the Yammie dealer (I know Yamaha didn't back up the starter upgrade well)

- is the price over the moon

- how is the parts supply and try comparing a few parts prices

- how much does a CRF450X actually weigh. I've driven the CRF450F and it kicked ass!

- if I could have any bike I would want the 300EXC also. For fast fire road ripping I wouldn't bother, But if that is the type of riding you are doing you wouldn't be complaining about the weight.

I'll bet the KTM 300EXC would kick ass on the track too.

It would be great to have both. The light weight and the top notch parts on a KTM hypnotize me. The 300EXC sounds perfect in theory.

I have to admit the 300 EXC is to my sense one of the best wood bike ever built. The 200 is even better to my opinion: a mountain bike with a 30hp engine: there you go!

On the other end, I can't consider getting back to the smoke. I'll stick with the thumpers until they get as light as feathers! I just like the power delivery of 4 strokes better, and I like the fact that the guys behind are not risking cancer.

But as I told you: I really think no one can tell you the 300 EXC is a bad bike. It is a top bike for sure!

I talked with a guy who rode one. He loved everything about it except the vibration.

Wait to buy until the WR's get the aluminum frame. Then see how they do and compare then. What's another year. :cry:

I have an 05 300e that will be here sometime in the next 3 weeks. At this time I have no plans to sell the WR.....it will be interesting to see which bike is still in the garage next summer. :cry:

So why are you switching???

Because he can! :cry:

Same reasons you mentioned. Iam anxious to see if that 40 pound weight loss is worth all the little ktmoom/2stroke quirks.My last 300e was in 97 and it wasn't pretty. :cry:

Yea I guess that was a dumb question. PLease let us know what you think of it when you get it. Do you mind if I ask what you paid for it???

Hey Dan,

I rode 51 miles at Rampart yesterday for the first time on the 300. I've now got 650 miles on the bike, 300 of which are mine. Before this, I rode primarily fireroads and about 25 miles of super gnarly single track.

First off, if anyone is doubting the fact that you notice the 300 is 40+ lbs. lighter than the WR, TRUST me, you notice. Second, the 300 is awesome on a fire road, it's at least as quick as a YZ timed WR426 if not quicker. Stock, it tops out right at 80 which is pretty damned fast on a fire road, at least here with all the rocks. Third, on fire roads, I've gotten 30+ miles to the gallon and Indy_WR450 can attest to the fact that I get on it pretty hard.

We normally ride a 50+ mile loop in 2 hours worth of riding time. Rampart is extremely whooped out right now and I wanted to see how I felt after going WFO on this section compared to how I normally felt on my WR426. I was a little bummed that at the end I was still tired. However, I got home, took a shower and noticed that I wasn't sore. I figured, maybe I was just stoked from riding. Today I got up and was barely sore. Normally, I'd be hurting for 3-4 days after riding this loop. I did average right at 25 miles per gallon at a very aggressive pace.

I also got to ride my dad's CRF250X and an 04' KTM 450 EXC over the same terrain. The CRF feels a little better in the suspension dept. but has no power in comparison. Anyone who thinks they can hang in fast areas off road at this altitude with a 250F is stoned. It also seems to turn a lot slower than the 300 and feels heavier.

The 450 EXC is very quick but it's immediately apparent that it weighs a lot more. After about 5 miles of WFO on that bike I was very happy to give it back.

Ultimately, I'd like to have this bike and a WR450 or KTM450/525. Since I can't do that right now, the 300 is and will be my weapon of choice until I have enough $$ to buy another 450F and keep the 300. The $hit eating grin I have on my face, more than make up for it's faults.

I did find out that the forks pump up with air so bleeding it occasionally should help with blowing fork seals. The radiators MUST have good guards and like all 2-strokes, you will bend/smash the pipe.

Thanks VMAX. This is all confirming what I had expected. The only thing I am mad at, is that you did not invite me to Rampart. Joking. Thanks again.

Sorry about that, it was sorta last minute and my wife said go so I was out of here. :cry:

My dad and one of my friends lives down near Sante Fe and 470.

Yea what ever. Joking, I could not have made it anyway. Had to help a friend move. Howver if you go anywhere this weekend let me know.

In a perfect world you'd have a big fourstroke for long rides and a twostroke for everything else. :cry:

You hit the nail on the head Dan! Perfect world would be a long distance comfortable four stroke and a light 2 stroke for fast short rides. KTM300 and a KTM525 might be a good combination. :cry:

Hey, did't I say that already? :cry:

Ultimately, I'd like to have this bike and a WR450 or KTM450/525.

Yes you did John! I am in total agreement. But for all condtion riding the WR450 rules as the best all around fun bike. Trails, mud, sand, rock gardens, desert, gravel, pavement. It handles it all well! If there can only be one bike in the garage. The WR450 is it. :cry:

Talk about timing !!

I'm flirting with the same idea. I did a few mods to lighten up my wr. Acerbis YZ tank and seat, lighter YZ pipe. When I ride on a track I fill my Acerbis tank to 1/3. So it brings down the center of gravity a bit.

But that KTM 300 sure looks good. There is only the reliability issue that bugs me. My WR is troublefree so far. Aside from broken rear hub and changing tires.

So this topic is very intersting. I'd miss the TT site if I ever change.

I think we should all get one!!! What were we talking about???? :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

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