Switching to a orange 2smoke unless you talk me out of it

I am thinking of going orange as well... not too hard though. I want a 535EXC stroked to a 575. 246#'s! 30#'s less than mine.

I cant believe i am reading this in a blue forum. The 426 is renowned for its sudden and abrupt power delivery and its no secret that its significantly heavier than the 450f. The obvious answer is to upgrade to an 05 wr450f which is way lighter than a 426 and has been detuned for easier power delivery..

If you think a 300 is going to be less tiring to ride you are kidding yourself. Sure its lighter and thus easier to flick around. But the fire breathing power delivery and concentration required when on the gas will leave you wanting an elbow replacement and good session of Yoga to calm the nerves. The 300 is an awsome machine but by god it not less tiring to ride unless your bogging around in two gears higher than you should be.

Go the 450 Orange or Blue, both awsome and easier to ride.

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