Nice Powerband

I've just got to rant and rave about this new bike...!!!

The power gives the word "seamless" a new meaning. Talk about riding something that feels like an electric major hit anywhere, just gobs of torque everywhere! Wanna to faster? twist the right hand...wanna slow down...back off the right hand.

I went riding with some bud's, (KTM 620 and XT 350) and I don't think I used half of the energy these guys did. I just torqued along all day, using that wide powerband, using hardly any energy at all...I just rode in a gear higher than what I thought I should have, and just cruised...even though we kept a pretty good really gives you the sensation of going slow...even though you're really not. The suspension is worlds better than any other XR I've ridden as well.

On a pipe dream here, but now if only the BRP could lose about 30 lbs and still stay in the same price much as I love my BRP, if I would have had the coin, I would have went with the KTM 520... :) ...but almost 3 grand buys a lot of goodies and smiles that's for sure...besides, this will make the 7th Honda I've owned...

The only thing I do not try to do with the BRP is jump anything higher than what I can see over. Little whoops and dirt mounds are enough for me. Cost and service kept me from choosing KTM. No dealers in my town.

Heh....we should start a "I really wanted a KTM but they cost too much" group. Seriously though, I would love to get on a 520, but not for over $7k. That being said, I do love my XR, everything but the weight. The only time weight is a good thing is in rocks. Too bad its so heavy, because it has the perfect four-stroke powerplant. I like low RPM motors with lots of torque, as compared to the pipey, high-strung motors that some 400's are blessed with.

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