Fender tool bag

Where might a person find a rear fender mounted tool bag? I checked Moose and Malcom Smith but found none available.....

Moose has a great bag made by Chase Harper for $42.99 at most shops.

Cycle Depot has this same item for $33.48 and that's the cheapest I've seen it so far. You need to click on their "add to basket" icon to see their price.


Baja Designs also sells this same Moose rear fender bag for $$36.50, but they also sell their own version for $25. I've seen the Moose bag in person and it's a nice bag, but I've not seen the Baja Designs bag in person yet.


The Moose bag is very well built, but it's a little on the tall side. I'm 5'11" and after a

long ride, it's sometimes hard to lift your leg

over it.

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