Want to do some sand riding....Need advice on mods

I have a wr400f, and I am looking to do some sand riding on it for the first time. I need advice on what kind of preparations are needed/recomended to make the bike sand friendly? Obviously I'll need a paddle tire, but beyond that what important preventative measures should I take to keep the sand from harming my bike.

Thanks in advance for any helpful hints.... :cry:

You will need to make slight jetting adjustments when to go to the coast and are at sea level, a Zip-ty or other type fuel screw comes in handy for this. Some people don't lubricate their chain before going over so sand does not stick to it, I lubricate mine lightly, even run the bike a little before going over to get some the excess off. Preventive maintenace comes after, wash bike throughly to get sand and salt off. Remember speed and balance are your friend in the sand, just not too much speed, will want to see the drop offs before you get to them, have fun.

We ride in sand at altitude - on the mine dumps in Johannesburg, South Africa. The dumps are fine sand - a lot like desert sand. Since getting there involves other terrain we do not use specialised tyres or do any other mods. Biggest issue for me has been post riding maintenance. Always wash the bike properly and focus on the air filter / chain.

Other than that it is huge fun. I have a WR250F and on the dumps would like a 450 - extra power for the climbs.

one of my buddies suggested coating the inside of the airbox with grease to help catch some of the sand. another guy said to try putting a ladies panty-hose over the air filter...does this seer like a good idea? any extra grease, or lube needed in any areas more than usual?

I do put 'grease' (I use vaseline - not sure if it is such a good idea) on the base of the air filter i.e the bit that touches / rests against the plastic around the air intake. I do not like the idea of putting grease any where else as cleaning out a dusty air box is OK but cleaning sand and grit embedded in grease sounds horrible. U must of course apply a good air filter oil to the air filter itself - I cannot remember the brand I use. I have seen a product advertised that claimed to block the air intake so you can clean inside the air box without to much worry.

The idea of panty-hose sounds good - along the lines of the filter skins that u can buy.

As for more grease or lube - I just lube / grease as per normal. I have noticed that on the axles you do get a bit of grit in there although it was minimal. Sea sand/sea water is probably a bit more vicious. Ceratinly the sea water would mean that u must at least rinse the bike every day.

The biggest think is going up at least one jet size on the main. In sand your engine works overtime and needs the extra gas to keep things running cool. A lean condition will blow a head gasket or boil and seize.

I break out the Bel-Ray 'blue syrup' air cleaner oil for dune trips. It's a pain to apply, but catches everything.

Also, when you mount your flag, put in on the rear axle. It won't hit you as much and will be less likely to break off. If you ride at Silver Lake in Michigan, you have to pass the 8ft high test, so get a long flag if you ride there.

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