'04 suspension is excellent

After a few hundred miles of woods, I finally got big blue on an MX track today. I am pretty amazed at how good the suspension is, especially with my weight and the stock springs.

This morning I did a very muddy 15 miles woods loop. Then after a lunch break decided to try my WR on an MX track. The track is hard pack with tons of table tops, one stadium type jump, some triples and a whoop section. I started out easy since it was my first time on this track, but after a few laps was clearing all of the table tops, and turning the whoop section into a 3 jump set of doubles. Just kind of cruising trying to be smooth and not get over my head.

I don't do triples after I almost gave up a kidney and my bladder to a set in '87, nor did I try to clear the stadium table top. But everything else was pretty easy on the WR. I landed a bit long on a triple and smacked the face of the third hump, but the 450 did not deposit me on the ground like I thought it would.

Given that the WR is a bit porky compared to an MX bike, and given that it is set up for woods, I was pretty damn impressed with the suspension. Sure a fast local pro would no doubt push the limits of the suspenders, but I was not expecting it to maintain its composure with the stock springs, especially with my 220+ frame, a hydration pack, handgurds, license plate bracket, and a bunch of mudd caked all over it. Good job Yamaha :cry:

Current shock settings: ~2" sag, rebound in 1 click from stock

Current fork settings: compression is 2 clicks in from stock

My experience today told me that it's not wise to keep your suspension 'hard' on all settings :cry:. I set them all stiff for street riding and forgot to turn them down before going out today, it was painful. Unfortunately, it took at tough climb up a hill for me to remember why the hell things were so tough.

Glad you had a good experience on the MX track today, is the '04 suspension much different than previous years?

I never tried a KTM EXC but I'd bet the WR to be the best enduro bike that ever hit a track... I tried mine on a small local track recently and I was very impressed as well... :cry: The forgives you so many mistakes :cry:

Hey Chipwich, which MX track did you ride?

The '04 is the only WR that I have ridden. I imagine that the '03 is very similar. My point was not that it should be used as an MX bike, but rather how good the suspension was out of the box.

Khari it was the main track at Durhamtown. Playing hooky and going out there tomorrow with 3 friends. Two of them have '04 EXC450s, which I'll get to try on the track. One guy has a DR-Z400. Should be interesting, although hope all of those MX types don't mind all of those headlights on the track :cry:

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