Aloop seat/tank kit for XR 600

Does anyone know if the Aloop seat & tank kit for the XR600 can be made to fit a 94 XR250?

I remember a few years back Dirt Bike magazine putting the stock XR 250 stuff on a 600, before the A-loop stuff came out, which would lead me to believe that both sets of plastic will fit with some modifications.

It's not going to be a bolton deal, but I'm sure you could make anything work... :)

Yeah, I remember reading a similar article. I've got an XR600 tank and it fits over the frame but the stock front mounts don't line-up - would have to make new mounts which is no big deal (3/16" aluminum will do it).

A couple of guys have told me to sell the bike and buy a 96' or later model. I should have done that before I rebuilt my 94'. Darn thing's running great (300 Thumper kit, 34 mikuni, ported head, exhaust insert, reworked suspension, etc, etc).

Anyone out there selling an XR600 Aloop kit?

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