04wr450 low speed engine clatter

Anybody else hear a clattering sound at low speeds? I have about 300 miles on the bike. Checked oil level, thats ok, changed it 3 times since new.It almost sounds like bad gas detonation, but it happens with any gas.It also sounds like the valves are about to fall out. However the noise goes away when the revs get higher and there does not seem to be any loss of power.

The manual recomends an octane rating of 95. Most of the premium pump gas around here is 93. Anyone using octane booster? Other than that, this is the most awesome bike I've ever owned. Blows my CR500 away. Is this normal? :cry:

Hey Atlasrider,

Sounds like your chain, they are very noisy. It still peaks me out every now and then as well. Check for correct tension, I also did the chain slider mod, thats made it a bit better, but its normal


Go here and click on tech articles, then scroll down to MISC: Fixing faulty swing arm slider


Yep, I'd bet its your chain slider too.

When I first got my 450 it made a loud "CLACK!" noise when I cracked the throttle open... I was positive it was engine noise... but It hasn't made a peep since I put silicone under the chain slider 50 miles ago. That little peice of plastic can make a helluva racket

Silicone works but for me would always eventually fail (pretty much every ride). I used a small section of used innertube and cut it to shape and just super glued it to the underside of the top portion of the chain slider. Just reinstall it after it dries and no more slapping. It has held up for hundreds of miles now like that. This is somthng you need to do, not just to quiet it down, but to protect your swingarm. The plastic chain slider slowly eats away at the aluminum swingarm...

The chain slider is one issue, but when the bike is new they seem to be a little noisier than you expect. After about 500 Miles they do quiet down. :cry:

My 03 has the same problem as with most of the WRs.

I have tried different types of foam but they don't last long.

Think I my try a piece of inner tube like others have.

I think the 05's have something soft under the chain slider from the factory. A retrofit to other years???

Yeah, that is exactly the noise I have, kinda sounds like pinging, but I have ran 110 octane with the same result, so it is not pinging. I thought maybe the drive chain hitting something, but you guys have confirmed it for me. Thanks for the advice

I made my own slider out of a piece of teflon so it was extra loud.

I took it off turned it upside down apply silicone, very thickley,smoothed it out,

let it dry and shaved off excess.It was a good 4 or 5 mm thick the whole length.

Worked for me.

MMmmm, mine has become a bit noisy too, with a 100o miles on now. It is NOT the chain slider in my case, and it sounds suspiciously like you may have the same symptom, ie the noise disappears under load as the revs increase.

Do you have a big sump guard fitted, they do reflect the noise upwards for sure. BUt my engine is noticeably noisier now than in the 1st 500 miles. Check the clutch nut is tight and the locking ring is fitted correctly, they have been known to come undone. Mine seemed ok, so I am still mystiifed! It si not the drive chain as it is noisy when the bike is not moving at all.

Camchain, maybe? Valves, maybe too, but at 1000 miles.......?? Hope not!

Only thing I had done prior to the ride when it became noisier was change the oil to Silkolene comp 4. Same weight as my putoline stuff, but maybe a little different when up to temp......???

If you search on the engine noise, clutch, you should find the post about the clutch nut. its about three months old as I recall and was either started by or solved by a guy out in slovenia I think?

My 03 WR450F has the same noise and it has been driving me crazy, I will try the silicone or something similar. Thanks for the info, other than that I love the bike. :cry:

Ride your bikes down a smooth section and look down at the chain slapping on the swingarm chain buffer. Its in perfect sinc with the noise that you are describing.

Now take the bike back home and tighten your chain properly and the noise will go away.

I have over 4000 miles on my 01 WR426 I have the adjust my chain rairly, but that noise is a sure sign.

BTW I still have my stock chain buffer and its not even close to worn out.



But if the noise is there when the bike is staionary it aint the chain!!

Yeah, hear it also, mine is gears rattling, under light load. I think its more noticable on a dry sump as the gearbox is technically empty.

different oil may be it then/?

Well, different oil may not help too much. Straight cut gears are performance oriented and built for strength, but drawback is noise. You will hear it when idling in neutral, release the clutch, hear it?

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