Looking for xr600 graphics and seat covers...

Im looking to spruce up my 87 xr600 with a good looking graphics kit, and a new seat cover. I was wondering if anyone had some advice as to where i can find the best looking stuff, for the best price. i was looking at some of the seat covers on ebay that go for like $25. does anyone know if these are any good/how they fit. thanks for your help :cry:

anything??? :cry:

The stuff on ebay looks ok to me. I did find some close out stuff on one of the other sites. Can't remember what site though :cry:. Maybe dennis kirk. Do a search for graphics in the forum and you should find all the info you need. Beware tank graphics, hard to get them to stay on older tanks.

Thanks JMC,

Found what i was looking for. I think i might try one of those ebay seat covers too (for $25 bucks you cant loose).


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