Boy did I get the BONE!

Well I was to pick up my new 450 at a dealership that I had trusted and only to find out that they have given me the bone. I was # 1 on the list and was told that it would be here 3 weeks ago, and now it is not coming, the dealership said that he dealer traded at the end of last year, and that he will dealer trade one for me. But when he tried he failed, I feel that it was sold from under me to a customer that wanted to pay more, being I was supposed to get it for 5,500. Well I made a few calls and will be picking one up in a day or so! Never the less I will never deal with that dealership again. (I forgot I gave him 4 bike sales this year from friends) :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :lol::cry:

You should let everyone know what dealership that is!!Freedom of speech. :cry:

Your topic pop's up every year when the new models roll out. I'm sure that is exactly what happened to you, the dealer will take every opportunity to make more money.

Yes it SUCKS! and it's wrong!

I happened to be at a dealership (So Cal) in Sept. of 02 when the first shipment of the new 450's rolled in, I heard that was a "List", and I wasn't on it, but I went home with one anyway. :cry:

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