Honda '03 models on website now

Originally posted by Matt96xr6:

[QB]...Nice upgrades for sure for the old XRs...

Yes, but did you see their prices? Yikes! If these are meant to replace the XR100/XR200 bikes, they certainly are nice, but are they worth $2,500+ more than the older XR's?

2003 CRF150 = $4,999

2003 CRF230 = $5,899

2002 XR100 = $2,099

2002 XR200 = 3,299

At the rate prices keep increasing, we'll someday look back and say, I remember when a new dirt bike cost under $10K :)

That's gotta be a typo, there's just no way.

yeh the prices are a bit high

2003 CRF230 = $5,899

2003 XR250R = $4,699

that seems a bit silly, the older xr should still be alot more bike.

I hope thats a typo, because if not, Honda sucks.

It probably is a typo and only the 230 will have e start. I sat on them at the dealer show last year and they nice. My girlfriend rides a xr200 and she likes it, but her biggest complaint is not the starting because we all know a 200 is easy to start, but the weight. the 230 is heavier than her 200. who knows?

No doubt the 230 will weigh more than the 200. With electric start, 238 doesn't seem that unreasonable. But, did you see the weight of the 150....216lbs! Just 6lbs lighter than the XR200?! Thats unreal, considering the XR100 is 165lbs.

Honda either has some serious mistakes on their website, or they've really lost touch with reality with these new machines.

I think that they must be typos, because if not Honda would be committing corporate suicide in this very close fought battle of blue vs. red.

We'll keep her her 200 until someone releases a bike with a 150cc four stroke competitve in the 80 class with big discs and good suspension designed for mx with an "expert" chassis like the cr80.

I talked to bbr about that very chassis with a xr200 engine or a ttr125 bumped out a little, but they want $9k. she isn't into it that much, but she would like a little more for jumping and riding on tracks. at 5'10" she is big enough for a yz250f, but at 135 she is not strong enough for the 250.

anyway we will wait and see.

Did you notice the rear brakes? I would really expect a rear disk. Part of the reason that I bought the XR600R was because the drum brake on my XR250R was not strong enough.

btw the prices have dropped to 2799 and 3299, must have been Canadian before :)

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The TT-R's have drum brakes on the rear, too. You gotta remember, we're talking about Honda here....they design bikes with just enough to stay with the competition (at least where off-road bikes are concerned).

check the website. they have already corrected it. i wonder if those earlier prices are for some yet to be seen mx bikes like say the crf150Rand 250R. a non-motorcycle oriented web developer could easily confuse the two models with just an r or f suffix. maybe they will be releasing the 250 and 150 r's this next year. that would be too cool.

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