650R fork guards

Has anybody found any fork guards that will fit the 650R?

Check out WWW.WHITEBROTHERS.COM they list the Berg carbon fiber lower fork gaurds

Thanks, but actually what I meant to say is, "disc guards". I had a set of Acerbis on my DR 350 that I liked really well...I learned the hard way after ramming a stick through the disc and spokes, warping the front rotor....after that I swore I'd never have another trailbike without em'.

I see that Acerbis makes a fits-all disc guard...anybody tried this to see if it fit?

White Brothers also has a Devol aluminum disk guard available.

Regarding fork and disk gaurds, I just saw them in XR,s only,s catalog, they were made by acerbis and seem to come only in black.The web site is www.xrsonly.com. xcar

Scott Summers just sent me some...

Look good too www.srcinc.net


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