1st race in 20 yrs .....results

raced a harescrambles with the nchsa boys yesterday,well the positive was that i was faster than 31 people and the negative was 79 people were faster than me! now i i can't blame it on the bike it performed quite well given the abuse i dished it, i've figured out a couple things 1. i need to send off my suspension for revalve 2. about an inch off each side of the bars is in order( i never knew trees grew so close together)3. i'm real glad i shaved 23 pounds off my WR because under race conditions it seems as though it was still too heavy(253 without gas) had a dream last night about an alum. frame yzf 450. 4. I need a bowflex 5. I forgot how much fun it was!!!! all in all i'm glad i finished in one piece and sing high praise to al youngwerth and the rekluse clutch co. great product! :cry:

I race my second Harescramble with the MHSC yesterday also don't where I ended up in overall standings but for Open C I placed 10th which was better than the crashed out on 3rd lap recieving 39th on the first one. I've really got to work on endurance had to take a couple breaks during the race, overheated myself exhausted and ate alot of dust. Had fun though will diffenitly do more harescrambles next year. Myself I enjoy enduros more can actually take breaks without feeling guilty and being concerned about others passing by. Losing my E start button on the practice lap really effected my ability to get retarted when killing the bike on some knarly uphills with 18" ruts by the third lap.

I figure I can't do any worse than my first race and can only improve with each race I enter. What class did you run?

:cry: good job to both of you. i'm going to do it again one of these days. beats the heck out of gut harvesting.

Good you finished and finished in one piece.

I raced some H/S when I lived in Northern Virginia and my goal was just to finish the race (at some moments feels impossible).

By the way I finally got my bike here in NC :cry: let me know when you want to go riding.

hey treebark,there was alot of bark bustin goin on,i did vet-B and was 9th in class 80th overall.man i'll tell ya endurance is key,the last lap i was bouncin around like i just drunk a 12 pack! i can't picture doin a 3 hr gncc! new2blu we're goin up to hatfield mccoy trails in WV this wknd if your interested or anyone in the area :cry: pm me if you wanna go


9th thats great for the first race in awhile. Man I would love to ride in a diffrent area, but with a family, work, college, and the National Gaurd it's really hard for me to take a whole wknd. Maybe things will lighten up some time next year. If you ever come west let me know.

I know exactly what you mean. I raced my first HS ever yesterday. I entered the senior class and there were ten of us in that group. For every group that went before us I was able to start the bike on the first kick. Wouldn't you know that when it was time for us to go, they raised the flag and there I sat. I kicked and kicked and finally decided to move off to the side to get out of the way of the next group. As soon as the starter raised his hand for the 10 second warning I was able to get it started and took off. Had several get offs and one encounter with a tree that buckled my head pipe slightly but was still able to finish 7th in my group and 67th out of 90. Was able to get in 5 laps (31.5 miles) in 2 hours. The pro's did 7 and that is just crazy fast. I felt your pain about that last lap. As a matter of fact, I am still feeling your pain. I spent 10 years in the Marine Corps and never had a more intense two hour workout than that. Thank God for hot tubs. I could not believe how fast those pro's are. I have gained a greater respect for those dudes. I can't wait for the next one though. :cry:


02 WR426

Throttle stop cut, snorkle removed and grey wire cut

Congrats on the race. Where was it? ncmountainman, where are you in the mountains? My mom lives in Asheville and get up there a couple of times a year. Maybe we can get together and ride next time I'm up that way. Man I miss the mountains.

the race was near taylorsville nc,i live about 30 mi. north of ashville. we should hook up somewhere in between or definately bring your bike next time your at your moms PM me and we'll talk more :cry:

Dont forget that these hare scrambles are designed to eat bike parts! :cry:

Entry fee 20 bucks

Anual AMA licsence 40 bucks

Repair you bike for the next race ....Priceless?


ya it does lighten the visa card slightly,but"its all good" your not bringin that drz to hatfeild&mccoy are ya? :cry:

ya it does lighten the visa card slightly,but"its all good" your not bringin that drz to hatfeild&mccoy are ya? :cry:

Nothing but True Blue and any parts you need! Should be a great weekend of riding. :cry:

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