Broken dip stick

Just noticed that the previous owner of my '01 must have 'muscled' the dip stick at some point & broke it off right below the 'upper' level mark. :cry:

I can only assume the rest of the stick is in the frame.

Am I up the creek with this situation, or is it alright to let the thing float around in there? :cry:


Kinda makes you wonder if he didn't cut it off there as sort of a Go/NoGo gauge for the oil,(if it's on the stick, it's O.K.)???

It's most likely sitting in the inside of your frame reservoir. If you remove the filter screen at the bottom of the frame you may just find it sitting in there and you can pull it out. It can't get to the engine from where it is.

I bet he cut it off. It can be a pain in the ass to screw in...unless you know the trick.

Hd - It was cut

it was cut it is a pain in the ass to get a whole one in. I cut about 2 inches off mine . works like a charm

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