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My 05 ride report

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Although I got my dealers first 05 I didnt get to ride it until yesterday at Riverfront Park in marysville. I must echo everyone elses observations and add that I do think it handles every bit as well as the CRF250. I had sold my 02 3 months ago and in the mean time bhave been racing a friends 04 crf250 and loved it. To me, my 450 feels just like the 250 only with more power than you can ask for. I found the suspension pretty harsh but I am attributing that to it being new. It eased up a bit as the day went on and was workiong well by the end of the day. I intent to send it to Factory Connection after it is good and broken in. There was another guy at the track who had an 04 and an 05 and he said that there is no comparison between the two. the 05 is not even in the same ball park as the 04........... :cry:

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