How old are we all?

29 going on 19...

Issaquah, WA!

Hey Rick, Rock nice to see a few more Washingtonians! Including James Dean that makes 4 of us, almost enough for a Spodefest! :)


JJ - 99 WR; WR timed, stock jetting, Scotts stabalizer, Scotts triple clamps, Pro-Tapers, Terry Cable Hot start, MSR Raptor clutch lever, Moose skid plate, Works frame guards, Acerbis Pro Rally guards, Renthal MD-soft grips, Russel speed bleeders, Factory Effect graphics, YZ rear fender

Hey Hick,

This is the first time I have delt with R&S. Everyone at both shops were very helpful but, that could be because they wanted the sale!

But overall my experience was good with them and everyone is willing to give you advice including the service guys.

By the way, do you ride the desert series?


Body 37, Mind 19! :)

i,m 37 years old going on 18 :)

Hey, nice to hear from some fellow Washintonians! Grew up in Issaquah. Just moved to Albuquerque NM 5 months ago to escape the rain. Both are GREAT places to ride.

I'm 45 going on 12. All my friends tell me that my kids are living vicariously though me. . . .

Took up dirt biking after a 15 year "vacation". . .gawd I missed it!! :)

Seems you picked the warmest time of the year to move. Been to NM on sevaral occassions and I LOVE the state, friendly people and great climate. Actually considering moving there when I retire. You have great taste in locales and dirt bikes.


I am 37 years YOUNG by the calendar.

I live in Battle Ground, WA.

Yamaha's marketing guys knew they had a huge untapped market with the YZ426/WR400 and soon to be YZ/WR250F. It shows by this forum. How many *seasoned* folks would be so much into dirt bikes if it weren't for the WR?

As I gain more experience, my body suffers less pain. How you ask? I have been an avid weight lifter for 20+ years. At first my goal was to get bigger and stronger. What I found by experience is that it is a great way to prevent injuries - my priimary goal now. I work out with weights one day per week for 15 to 20 minutes - down from 6 days per week an hour at a crack. I use a high intensity approach. I don't do any exercise that causes injury and stick to the basics (squats, deadlifts, pullups). My back and knees no longer ache after hauling 7.5 tons of hay in day and a half or riding all day. The trick on training is to train hard, brief and infrequently. It is my approach to a painfree, youthful vigor.

Eric in WA

WR400rock and Eric -

Rock - Thanks. . .found I couldn't Scuba dive in NM w/o traveling, so back to Dirt Bikin'. Talk about a great stress reliever! In NM I can ride every night after work w/the kids! And the sunsets while riding are outstanding!! :)

Eric - Yep, getting stronger is the best way to keep from getting hurt and help your riding. Keeps me from slammin' my chest protector into my handlebars when I jump doubles. . . .

Originally posted by James in New Mexico:

Hey Hick,

By the way, do you ride the desert series?

Only one race so far, the Rattlesnake in Espanola (Am #209). That's where I met the R&S guy. He seemed nice enough, after all, he let me ride a nearly brand new 520SX around the jetting loop :)

Twice! :D :D

Me: "Wow! A 520SX! Can I start it?"

Him: "Wanna ride it?"

Me: "WHAT???"

I missed the next event in Angel Fire for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which is the drive. It took me 6 hours just to get to Espanola.

I am planning on doing the Socorro race. What is that course usually like? I hear its lots of sand whoops, but I prefer that to rocks and trees anyday.

Are you gonna enter? Which class? It would be good to have someone to bench race with next time.

Thanks for the tip!

Drop me a line if you want...


Not going to enter any this year. Only have 135 miles on the bike and myself for that matter!!! I have been on a 3.5 year vacation from the dirt. Next year is a definate, I have watched several "Oh My God 100" races here in Rio Rancho. I don't believe I would make it at this point and I would like to make a few mods to the WR first.

But maybe you, Gary Kessler, and myself could hook up sometime for a weekend ride.


I am way to immature and selfish to be the 35 years old that I am.

The cool thing is though, I get carded all the time. Keeps me feeling young. That and dirtbiking.

If its any consilation to you "oldies" theres a bloke in Victoria who rides and finishes the rally series who's in his late seventies and rides a KTM300exc! giving adage to the saying'"your only young once, but you can be immature for the rest of your life."

im pushing the big 30 in 2 weeks and racing the hannagan mx is getting tougher every series and now they streched the track out to cover all 50 acres. but monroe indoor flattrack starts in november so that will be a nice break from the long motos at bellingham

Hick and James in NM -

Be great to hook-up for a ride. Let's pick a spot and a time (sometime after the balloon fiesta) and do it! I got a 8'x10' utility trailer if James needs a lift, I can get us there. The desert, Motel 6 and dirtbikes!! Yeah!

I'm just getting to know my bike, and working on getting back balance and timing. I'm thinkin' of doing the desert series here in NM next year! Time to invest in braces, and more health insurance!

-Gary (anxiously awaiting his DSP pipe so he can quite screwing around with his Carb!) :)

39 years old and wish i hadn't stopped riding

after a major accident in '84. started again 3 years ago after my oldest started college. needed to get back into the things i did before or become a couch potato.








G'Day All,

It's Mitchie :).. I am 31 and still act like a spoilt child. I have the injuries and body of a vietnam vet, but the personality and smile of a 15 year old virgin about to loose his cherrie

Mitchie :D

Damn, what is this the "Geezer Forum"?

Originally posted by Sigster:

Damn, what is this the "Geezer Forum"?

Hey Siggy i'm 41 and an expert class desert racer. Until you can get on the line and even come close to finishing near me or my fellow Geezers, i'd suggest you shaddap :)

BTW, i am racing in the Baja 2000 in Novemeber. I have a 500 mile section i'll be doing. Think you could handle 500 miles at all out race speeds with the only break being ten 30 second pit stops to add fuel?

Red Striper,

You da man!!!!! Good luck in the Baja 2000. Are you riding a YZ/WR or something else?

I've ridden in Mexico a couple of times - the longest stretch being Santa Veronica to Mike's. I can't imagine doing 500 miles in one stretch. I pitted for friends that ran a quad a few years back and the riders slept ALL the way from La Paz back to San Luis Obispo, CA.


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