How old are we all?

Good Luck, Red! let us know how it goes!

35 years old...ugh! Been riding since I was 4 1/2 years old.

Hey all you New Mexico riders...Im from Alamogordo, New Mexico. Lets go ridin!!

37, never really considered age with speed or shape of rider, so far it's just a number :).


99 WR400




Originally posted by Matt Porritt:

How old is everyone here?

Looks like I'm the (broken) baby!

A ripe 20yrs!

47,but I dont ride any different than I did when I was 27. I used to say, May the bird of paradise do the back stroke in your pre-mix. Now I say ,May your throttle position sensor always be high.


Okay, I've been avoiding this string, but I guess I'll fess up. ghostface.gif

I am 40 and have been riding for 30.

Long live the geezer forum!

Do I qualify for this thread? I am 45 and been riding for 65 years, or maybe I have it backwards. I started on a 39 Indian Scout and I rode it in the 1949 Big Bear run. Best getoff I ever had.

Now I live in Roseburg, OR, raising Kane

27 and hiting my midlife crisis already, wife susy 25 and looking better then any 18year old. See you in Moab


You guys are cracking me up as usual!

conclusion from this post:


I'll try and register a new domain for this forum.

How about:


Brian Meadows: I'll be one rider of 4 on my friends XR650R in the B2K. My section is from Catavina to somewhere below Ciudad Constitution. 530 miles is what they've calculated. I should be getting the bike in the after noon and finishing in the early daylight hours the following day. I plan on fitting a single 8" Baja Designs HID light on My WR 400 to practice night riding in the next few months. The desert takes on a whole new meaning when all u can see is 5 to 6 hundred feet ahead of you at 90+ mph! i need all the practice i can get.

Hey striper- Do you know your number yet? I'll be in Loreto in November, I'll ride up to San Javier and cheer you on!

Hey, you guys know that geezer thing was just to get you going. I'm 30 married 8 years with three kids 6,4,1. I hit my pre-midlife crisis about 2 years ago. I expect to have another one any day now.

Geez guys, I wish I had the geritol concession for this bunch!!! I could retire from the proceeds of all us old farts. :)


I got FiberCon and Depends for sale!! Makes ridin' "whoops" a whole new experience! :)


'00 WR; YZ modified, DSR exhaust system, UNI air, Dunlop D756, ProTapers, Devol Rad Guards, P-38, Mason/Dean Jetting specs. . .and lovin' it!

[This message has been edited by Gary Kessler (edited 08-15-2000).]

My mind says go , but the bod says 'NO'

at times!!

I'm 48, ridin for 32 years.This WR is my first Jap bike in over 20 years....and I really like it...!!





Mark Ward-

Got a pic of the gsxr?


MotoGreg - The voice of absurdity

'99 WR400 - 'Cause thumpers rule and two-strokes drool!

'92 GSXR 7/11 (But I wanna get a dope 916)

I might let you visit my photo album for $3 - ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK - DANGER LURKS WITHIN

I'm 39 in december had bike's from the age of 16.I live in the uk with 4 bike's wr400/rmx250/CCM604 supermoto/ GSXR1216 streetfighter you have to be this old in the uk to insure them (LIVE TILL YOU DIE) dont just wait for it

Anyone interested in one gallon containers of prune juice? :)

Rod we don't have our number yet..but i'll keep you informed. Thanks for the support man :)

Hi fellas, today I'm just 42!!! My first WR400F was a '99 to celebrate my 40's and my last is a '00. Greetings from Italy.....Toe

oh ****

well seeing as how we're all giving away our age-i'm 39. Kev from NH i'm 15/4/61 so how close are you?

only been riding the dirt in the 21st century & yet 5th from 102 last sunday.

who needs the over 40's anyway!

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