How old are we all?


04/30/1961, that's me.


33 and still a spring chicken!

My god, this site has "mid-life crisis" written all over it. All these mid-lifers strapping themselves to these WR400 rockets for one last go. ME TOO! I AM HAVING THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE. AND, QUITE FRANKLY I DON'T GIVE A **** ABOUT THE KNEES ACHING AND SORE BACK ANY MORE. GOING OUT AND RIDING LIKE I DID 20 YEARS AGO IS JUST TOO DAMN MUCH FUN TO WORRY ABOUT THE DETAILS!!



You guys are making me feel like a little kid. I can only hope that I can keep riding as long as some of you. I am 28 years young. Maybe I will get faster with age?? :):D :D :D

By the time I hit 28 I'll be lucky to if I'm still be walking. Who cares I love it!


42 and loving it, body still good , brain a little bent. let's get it on.


2000 WR400F

2000 EC 300

2000 TTR 125L

2000 TTR 90

1999 750 Katana

Man, someone brought this thread back from the dead. rpg_009.gifrpg_009.gifrpg_009.gifrpg_009.gifrpg_009.gifrpg_009.gifrpg_009.gif


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

Originally posted by milkman2544:

Man, someone brought this thread back from the dead. rpg_009.gifrpg_009.gifrpg_009.gifrpg_009.gifrpg_009.gifrpg_009.gifrpg_009.gif


Matt, Do you realize that you have almost 90 replies to your post? That just goes to show you that we all brouse ye ole' Thumpertalk quite often..........

Im 34 years old, I have had many injuries from riding and racing motorcycles and I have back pain everyday to deal with, but I can honestly say that I will continue to ride and race as long as I can because I simply love our sport. One good thing about getting old is that you can race as a Vet (a bunch of old guys riding really cool bikes). Have a nice Thanksgiving everyone... Dan

Turned the big 40 last september and going faster with each year. Mabye I will be an expert by 60 ? (except for the year I cartwheeled down a fast tabletop after hitting a downed bike) Hey wr400rock was that you I was racing on MM2 ?

Has there ever been a post with 100 messages to it?

We can make this happen!!!


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

Turned 43 in Sept. Started riding at age 11. Started motocrossing at age 14. Quit racing at 24. Did devolopment work for Honda R&D for 3 years (does that qualify as professional rider status?). Did the Barstow to Vegas dual sport ride in `86 on a 80cc Honda Aero scooter (Got a nifty award for smallest bike) and got hooked. Now I ride slow and long. By poor WR400 has over 5000 miles on it. Need to get a WR426 just to look faster.

Dan Yuknavage

Howdy guys - 35 yrs here. Anybody ride in KY? Mark M in London KY. I posted to see if we could beat 100 on the thread...

[This message has been edited by Mark M (edited 11-22-2000).]

Now 31 started riding at 4. Live in Reno NV. Currently own a 00 WR 400, 84 IT 200, 84 XR 50R( by far the funnest to ride,Lots of mods) and a 71 Nevada Schoolboy CT trail 70. My kness, ankles, back, and shoulders crack so bad in the morning it sounds like you through fire crackers in the bedroom. It's ok though after about 5 steps I can stand up striaght and walk like a human. Anybody else out there race the MRANN series?

I am only 15. Just got my new bike a few weeks ago. No real ridin' on it yet cause it's so darn cold here in wisconsin (25 degrees or lower) San Diego sounds pretty nice right now. I am probably the youngest WR 400 owner here. I am working at my local Piggly Wiggly to pay off the Blue Beast, but i don't regret it one bit.

I'm 27, started riding motox at the age of 12 stopped at 16 and started riding snowmobiles. At 22 I started riding road bikes which I still do, I just love trackdays. Bought my WR400 almost one year ago and dirt riding is coming back to me. I am one bike fanatic, all my money goes directly into bikes. Currently I have a car manufactered in 1975 but my bikes is a little newer.


CBR600F '98

WR400S '99

I'm 26 confused:

I'm 48 and the older I get the faster I was

Gettin closer to 100...

Turned 32 a couple of months ago and having more fun everyday. I remember being 20 and thinking it was gonna suck to get older. What a suprise to find that I was soooo wrong...

29 going on 30,but I still ride like I did when I was 16.

I couldn't ride a bike when I was 16 so nothing has changed except I can hit trees harder on a wr400f than on a yz80k.

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