High Desert Dualsport Rides

If any of you guys are up for a challenging dualsport ride you're welcome to ride from my house and i guarantee a great ride. I live in Apple Valley, Ca. (next to Victorville). My house is about five minutes from desert trails and 15 minutes from Mountains and Foothills. I have vast knowledge of trails and roads in the High Desert.

Ask Wilson 1, he knows me. Anyway, if anyones interested, lets plan a ride for May 19th.

P.S. Hey Brady, i'm recovering from my surgery nicely and i'll be ready to go week. Keep in touch.

Glenn Lyles

Hey Glen,

Glad to here your knee is getting better, I am up for a ride soon! My rear shock is being rebuilt at Fineline in HB. **Any TT members get in touch with Glen if you want to schedule a good ride! Wilson...


I'll be up too my full speed soon, the knee seems to be coming along well. Me and my crew are going to Bishop at the end of the month to ride for3-4 days in the Inyo's, Whites, and Sierra's. You're welcome to come if you're interested. Other than that i'll be doing some good rides around the desert until it gets hot and then i'll be riding in the local mountains (whenever theres a thunderstorm ). I've been working out a route recently that goes all along the foothills of the San Bernadinos (desert side) out to Lucerne and Rattlesnake Canyon that you would like. Until my sons baseball season is over in late June most of my riding will be done on Friday's or Sundays. If you want to hook up for a good one let me know.

Other TTer's are always welcome.



I just moved from Portland, OR to San Diego and am looking for guys to ride with :) since my wife and son won't be here until June :D . Just installed a dual-sport kit on my '01 WR426. Send me an email with all the details:



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