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Help save Mosier Valley MX

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Hey folks,

One of our local tracks (Mosier Valley MX in Arlington, TX) is about to be purchased by the city and closed to create a landfill.

You may have heard of Mosier Valley (they have hosted GNC races for many years) or you may ride there yourself. You may like the track, you may not, I'm not asking for your opinion about that.

Apparently the owner of the track has been under pressure from the city for quite a while. They have been nitpicking him on issues such as building code, electrical problems, etc. for the past few years, and now they are offering him a large sum of money for the land.

A buddy of mine set up an email address to voice concerns about the closing of the track. The emails will be forwarded to the tracks current owner, and possibly to the city of Arlington if the deal starts to go through. (As of last week no contracts had been signed according to the owner.) It is really a last-ditch effort but it's worth a shot.

SO, Anyone who cares about our local track closing please send an email to savemosiervalley@yahoo.com with any stories you have about riding at Mosier, or pleas to keep the track open. Please keep this positive.


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