XR650L Exhaust

I own a 02 XR650L and looking for the best slip-on exhast available. I was looking at the Yoshimura pipe. I like the look of it, but thats about all I know. Has anyone tried this exhaust? Any info on this pipe or any other aftermarket pipes would be great. Thanks

Wolfgang...week 2 on the FMF "Q"...it's a sure bet with the air filter & jet kit...500 miles on the new stuff w/no issues at all. '02 XR650L B. Jimi

Thanks Jim, I didn't forget about the great write up you did on the FMF pipe. I just like to explore all options before making a decision. Is there any chance that you could send a photo of FMF installed on your bike? I really appreciate all of your help and advice. Thanks, Mike

Mike, if I didn't spend so much on MC parts I'd have a digital camera..sorry...good luck with your search! I did find FMF pictures on the WEB. B. Jimi

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