650R - fork oil, any suggestions?

The new springs arrived and I'd like to hear what oil you use. Also - how far from the top do you fill?

It snowed today!!

Well, I weigh more than your average rider at 240. I'm using 5wt, with the level set at 120mm, .47 kg/mm springs, with 15mm of pre-load.

Thanks for the response Kevin -

Are you happy with the results? Was the preload necessary to get the proper sag? I will be using the same springs as you and weigh the same as you,(plus all the accessories that have added weight to the BRP). What did you use for spacers?

I just used the amount of preload that Race Tech recommended on their site. To tell the truth, I haven't even got it in the woods yet with the new springs!! Just the dunes. I couldn't really tell much from riding out there. I'm going to be going riding all this weekend, so I'll get to see how it works in the ruts roots and rocks.

I will give an update after the weekend.

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