oil filter change

Do you guys change your oil filter on every oil change? I am thinking of changing it every other oil change. I have inspected the oil filter after an oil change and it always looks rather clean and new. By the way, I usually change the oil around 300 miles.

Thanks in advance


I usually only change oil every 1000 km and filter every other oil change. Some people may thing this is too long between changes, but remember that XR's don't rev to the moon and back like CRF's and WR's etc. I tend to ride 300 km per day on a ride weekend so changing oil too regularly isn't practicle.

I use Silkolene 20w50 which in my opinion is the best oil for the $$$. At $12 per litre I would feel guilty dumping the oil any sooner than 1000 km. Modern engine oils these days are a lot better than years gone by and will take a pounding easier too.

In saying all this, there's always the adage of "Too much maintenance is better than none at all".

Up to the individual and their riding style/conditions.

I change oil filter every oil change, which is typically between 10 & 15 operating hours of off road use.

I change mine every oil change also.

OK lets make the count two and two. I change oil every 500 miles and the filter every other oil change. That's better then my buddy who would say "what oil filter" and if it shows up on the dipstick then the oil is good. With my luck his bike will outlast mine too :cry:

Isn't there a re-useable/washable oil filter out there?

at $8 every other weekend, its getting old...

I heard something about a company here in AUS doing stainless steel oil filters that are washable, surely if they make them here the US would have them on the market also???

I'll try and get more info on it........from memory they also run a small magnet inside for extra engine protection! :cry:

I change the filter with my oil at avery 500 miles or so... :cry:

Thanks BWB63, thats exactly what I'm looking for.


I also have a permanent stainless steel filter, I got mine from Baja Designs, if I remember right,... it ran about $70, but it is one-piece, better quality than the ones I've seen that you dis-assemble to clean ... ( in my opinion ) ..

Jamie, got his first from Scott's (it's $70 also) and I got this one....side by side same screen :cry:...looks likes different glues but, both glued real good...mine deffinetly has a better check ball system it's just that part that you can take out...the rest of the filter is the same....the most inportant part is that mine is RED :cry: Mine crtfilter.jpg

What Jamies looks like (second from the right)


There is the HiFlo Filtro units I mentioned on an earlier thread here on TT:


I am sure they will be a lot less than $8. I sort of expected someone to bad-mouth them, and I even tried to find any bad press about them, but I couldn't find any. I am curious to see what it looks like when I take one out. I've seen EMGO filters in an XR250 sag a bit to where the two metal disks that make up the filter are no longer parallel. That didn't impress me. This was a few years ago, so maybe they have improved. Hopefully the HiFlo doesn't exhibit that problem.


I change my oil and filter at the same time. I think at every oil change the filter should be changed also, just cut one open and look at all the junk that it traps up inside of it. Especially if you ride on a lot of dusty trails it should be changed at every oil change. You dont change a cars oil and not the filter and bikes, well at least mine are riden hard so they are no exception to the rule. Just my 2 cents.

I agree the filter should be changed every oil change. If it you think it doesnt help I know that you know that it dont hurt either :cry:

just cut one open and look at all the junk that it traps up inside of it.

Unless you have a filter with a steel can around it, I believe the filtering surface is the outside. So what you see is what you get. I dont need to see the filter to know it needs to be changed, though. Dirty oil=dirtier filter.

Also, I dont keep track of the time or mileage. I just change it based on conditions and riding. I'll be damned if I keep springing for Mobil 1 as well. Delo 400 works fine for half the price and doesnt stink as bad when it burns.

Unless you have a filter with a steel can around it, I believe the filtering surface is the outside.

I would have to say that your dead wrong. I'll post pics of the last filter I pulled over the weekend.

Please do.

I would like to see also :cry:

Since someone never posted said pictures, I took it upon myself.

Inside of filter media:


And the outside:


Notice which side has all the metal crap stuck to it.

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