oil filter change

Since someone never posted said pictures, I took it upon myself.

That someone would be me, Geoff and sorry I didn't get the pics up. The only pics I hurry to put up on TT are in the girl on dirt bike forum :cry:

Nice pics! :cry:

I'm just glad it wasnt my bike that filter came out of. Actually I didnt expect it to have a filter at all. :cry:

My oil gets changed every 300 miles 90% of the time but never more than 500 miles. I use K & N oil filters and they get replaced every time.

Am I nuts then changing my oil every 200 miles? The oil "looks" like it needs changing when I do it. However, the cleansing properties of the oil may not have given up yet.

at the 300 mile changes, my oil looks good as new, but on the couple 500 mile changes i have done.........nasty stuff. I just changed to the Motul 5100, shouldn't brake down as quick.

qadsan, What oil do you use ? I know you been on the BRP for a few more miles then most of us

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