ramparts advice

I bought a pair of ramparts; you know, those heavy metal brackets that you attach to the end of a 2x8" board to turn it into a ramp. I tried it for the first time tonight loading the new BRP into my father-in-law's Chevy S-10.

I was a little taken aback by how easily they want to slide out of position when I get near the top of the ramp. This is aggravated by the up and down shifting of the truck bed as the bike compresses the suspension. Next I will be trying to secure it with a small sheet metal screw that dad uses to hold the tailgate bracket on. If it were my own truck I'd secure it a lot more aggressively.

I was also rather surprised at how low of a truck bed they expect you to have. More precisely if the top of the ramp is more than 2 feet off the ground they expect you to brace it from underneath with more wood. Not that this is very hard, but it's not the very simple solution that it seems to be at first.

Any tips?

Kurt Penner

Line the bracket that sits on the tail gate with rubber, maybe from an old tub. Won't slip then.

My $.04..

Dodger :):D

I bought a kit with the ramp ends at Lowes. It came with rubber stickons where the bed touches the ramp and 2 metal pins per ramp that go thru the aluminum ramp ends into holes drilled in the pickup tailgate.

I bought the two ramp kit and a 10 foot 2 by 8. Cut the 2 by 8 into two 5 foot sections and attached the ramp ends to each. Laid them side by side and used galvanized deck screws to attach 2 by 2 (a split 2 by 4) crossmembers to the bottom of the now joined ramps. So then you have a 16 inch wide ramp that is very durable. I built it to drag rocks into my pickup too. Total cost was $30 or so.

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