Clip type masterlink for xr 650r ?

Hey,has anyone replaced the stock chain,wich is a staked masterlink with a standard type clip master link, is it ok?I have used the clip type on my cr 500 in the past had no problems,thanks for any help.


01 650r

The following is a quote from HRC's "XR 650 race prep tips":

The stock chain uses a staked/clip-less master link (endless chain). Using a chain with a master link is asking for a race failure. A bike with this much torque will break conventional clip-type master-links.

Honda sells a DID ERV2 chain (O-ring with staked master-link). DID520ERV2-120 is the part number, 4092334 is the Honda code. It is expensive but it is the best chain available. We have been using this grade chain since 1994. A special tool is required for staking the master-link (also available at your Honda dealer). The stock XR650R chain is also very high quality and meets or exceeds the ERV2 strength measurements.

(I assume the stock XR650 chain comes pre-staked, so you remove the swingarm to install. I replaced the chain on my ZX-11 with the OEM endless chain, and that is how it came from Kawasaki. When I replaced the ZX-11 chain at 35,000 miles, it was still within spec, even though the bike has not spent much time below 100 mph).

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