YZ450 suspensions

Hi, every time I land a jump, both front and rear shocks go down all the way. Next year I'm planning on sending my suspension being done somewhere, I haven't decided where yet. For now I'd like to know what kind of adjustment I can do to help in landings.

I weight 170lbs and I ride intermediate. Settings are pretty stock, I just stiffen everything of 2 clicks, didn't help that much. My bike is a 2004. Thanks for helping guys. :cry:

Are you sure that you are bottoming both ends? I weigh 210 (if I don't eat for a week) and my '03 springs are great. I didn't think that Yamaha put lighter springs in '04.

I'm 'c grade' 165lbs vet and race on the sand mostly, I had a similar problem on a big tabletop which I can't clear yet and the front felt like it would bottom out. I ended up raising the fork oil to the max height.

How old is your oil, new oil and the same settings makes a big diff.

I'm also gradually stiffening up the thing, so far about 4 click on the rear and 5 on the front and she is really starting to handle the whooped out straights and corners quite well.


Yes unfortunately they are both bottoming...

My fork oil is about 25 rides old since july roughly, what is the stock quantity they put in? how much did you add more?

When you say you're 4 clicks on the rear and 5 in front, is it from all the way in or out? compression or rebound?

Landing on the down side always helps :cry: But seriously, keep turning the clickers in and see if it gets better. Nothing wrong with having them all the way in. My front comp. is 2 clicks out(from all the way in), I need stiffer springs. You may also. I usually add fork oil in increments of 10mm's. Remember when comparing fork oil hieghts you measure the amt. of air space from your oil level to the top of the forks.

Hope this helps.

later. :cry:

The settings were from number of clicks in from what the bike came as std, just checked what they are actually set to


comp. 5

reb. 8


Low speed comp. 11

High speed comp. 1 turn

rebound 11

Your oil must be getting close to needing a change.

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