Any links to a magazine XR600 test

I'm in the process of finding a nice used XR600. I'd also like to look at a magazine test on the bike. Does anyone know where to find links of any XR600s being tested (dirt bike, dirt rider, etc.?)

Thanks for the help!

I just received my dualsport kit from Baja Designs and in their catalog is a photocopied article that Dirt Bike ran several years back when Tom Webb dualsported his XR600. It's really not much of a comparison/test so to say, but I can remember reading the article when it came out and it's still a good article.

Many people are so inclined to think that some magazines lean towards certain brands/products. This forum would probably be your best, honest and most down to earth source of info for a you can ask questions!... :)

Most dirt bike magazines have a archive in the back where you can look up certain tests, and order that particular month/year issue.

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