I think it's time to add weight to the flywheel, what's best?

"I'd like to add a weight too, but don't feel like spending $150. Can anybody give me the thicknessso I can make my own (I assume we're working with aluminum)? I'm thinking $30 for something turned to my specs would be reasonable. Any help would be appreciated."

The weight I installed for a friend included the weight, misc. longer bolts, and a spacer to space the ignition cover out enough to provide clearance for the weight.

I suppose you could make your own by welding a stack of tuna can lids to the flywheel and using 10-15 side cover gaskets to create the space. Thirty bucks ought to about do it.

First of all the wieghts are made from steel.

Second, side cover gaskets run around 8 dollars each. 10 of them would be 80 bucks. Making your own flywheel weight is not that hard if you have a lathe and a mill. However making one out of tuna can lids is just plain stupid.You would never get it balanced properly and that is if you could even get enough weight to make a difference. :cry:

the one i got from rocky mtn was a "steahly", it came with a new gasket and the spacer which is needed as the cover needs 3/16 " clearence for the added weight.

I have a 8oz flywheel GYTR on a 03yz450 ,I ride everything but desert and I thinks its good sometimes I wish I had a 10oz ,I think that would be the best :cry:

I bought a stator and flywheel from an '02 WR426 and put them on my '99 YZ400. The WR flywheel is only about 6 ounces heavier, but since the diameter is larger it acts like a 10-12 ounce. I have less of a hit, but the power gets to the ground much better, stalling is reduced. I got the flywheel from North County Yamaha for $89, simple replacement of your existing flywheel, however you do need the WR stator as well, which I picked up on ebay for less than $100. Going with this setup will not only increase your flywheel weight, but it'll also give you 130 watts of lighting power.

Pothole, I would say your way is the wisest, problem is to find the used WR parts cheap. The second best after studying the flywheels would to my opinion be perhaps the 10 or 12 oz Steahly flywheel or the Steahly complete flywheel. I will not buy z-start, I kinda feel a bike has to have a manual clutch. But the '04 could have a bit heavier flywheel if you ride woods.

Pothole, I would say your way is the wisest, problem is to find the used WR parts cheap.

Yes, that's true. However, the flywheel is new from NCY, and since I purchased my stator on ebay around 1-2 months ago, I've seen 2 or 3 other WR426 stators out there for less than $100. If you're willing to wait a few weeks, one will come up..(well, now that I've said that you'll never see another one on ebay ever again :cry: :cry:)..but seriously it's a pretty good way to go if you need lights as well. One thing to keep in mind is that the YZ and WR require different flywheel pullers.

if any 03-04 yz 450 owner are looking to swap for a wr stator don't bother it won't work the whole set-up is backwards(the winding bolts inside the side cover)and the crank taper is also different than the yz. :cry:

Mountainman, if that is the case, boy this forum gives awesome advice instead of learning things the hard way, trial and error. :cry:

yep, the WR stator conversion for use with a YZ only applies from '98 to '02 unfortunately.

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